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Advantages of Exploring Barcelona with A Bus Rental

Are you planning to explore Barcelona? This capital city of Catalonia is a popular tourist destination due to its gorgeous architecture, fascinating history, and upbeat atmosphere.

While exploring Barcelona, you must prefer to hire a private minibus, which will take you to all the iconic places of the city.

OsaBus offers bus rental in Barcelona with driver and transfer services, where all can have access while visiting here. This service is now expanding to other countries in Europe too.

The following are a few places of attraction in Barcelona where one can travel through bus rental.

The following are a few places of attractions in Barcelona where one can travel through bus rental.

  • La Sagrada Familia
  • Park Güell
  • Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic)
  • Casa Batlló and Casa Milà
  • Montjuïc
  • Picasso Museum
  • Barcelona Beaches

Renting a minibus in Barcelona ensures a smooth group experience. Gather your companions, hop on, and explore the captivating charm of the city’s top attractions.

The following are a few benefits of hiring a minibus while vacationing with your family.

1. Enjoy control over routes

With a rented minibus, you can customize your journey, reaching places not serviced by public transport. Enjoy the flexibility to stop anywhere and make last-minute diversions to must-see locations.

2. Quite affordable

Booking a minibus saves on transportation costs for large families, offering a private, cost-effective vehicle. Avoid expensive tickets and hidden travel costs, enjoying convenient travel to all desired locations.

3. Much safer

Renting a minibus reduces risks of overcrowding and theft, ensuring a safe vacation. Enjoy peace of mind, leaving valuables securely on the bus while exploring, enhancing your family’s travel experience.

4. Travel together

OsaBus offers minibus rentals for families of various sizes, from 15 to 25 seats, equipped with essential amenities. Choose a larger bus for extra comfort, ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and cohesive journey.

5. Keep entertained

Many minibuses feature inbuilt TVs, speakers, and entertainment systems to prevent boredom. Enjoy movies, music, and internet connectivity for web surfing, live matches, or Netflix during your journey.

6. Travel in privacy

Hiring a minibus lets you travel exclusively with your family, avoiding the need to adjust to strangers. Enjoy a comfortable, private journey with familiar companions.

7. Get a trained driver

Booking a minibus on OsaBus includes a driver, sparing your family from driving duties. Relax and enjoy the journey as trained drivers navigate the best routes, eateries, and offbeat destinations.

8. Better for the environment

Hiring a minibus is eco-friendly, accommodating more people with less fuel and reducing carbon emissions and fossil fuel use. This choice supports a cleaner, greener environment compared to planes and private cars.

9. No cutting plans short

With a minibus, you have the flexibility to linger at spots without rushing for fixed schedules. Add extra stops to your itinerary as time permits, enjoying the convenience of personalized travel arrangements.

10. Less difficulty locating transportation

A minibus eliminates the challenge of finding public transport, especially when language barriers exist. It ensures convenient, safe travel, even during late-night hours.


Renting a minibus in Barcelona offers flexibility and comfort to explore attractions and venture beyond. Create your own itinerary, visit landmarks, and enjoy a seamless experience with family, friends, or colleagues.

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