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What Are the Best Places to Eat in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is an incredible city with a long history and amazing people.  If you’re in town and aren’t sure where to feed your appetite, don’t stress!  There are hundreds of amazing restaurants that will blow you away.

If you’re in this amazing city and want some incredible eats: here are the top restaurants to check out!


A gun and high-class night out needs a menu that matches!  This glitzy restaurant may be pricy, but the awesome food is some of the best you’ll find in the city.  The high-class atmosphere, with perfectly prepared food, will make you leave full and happy, with high hopes to come back again soon.  Although reservations aren’t needed, if you’re coming in busier restaurant weeks (holidays), consider calling ahead.  


If simple and easy eating sounds more like your style, it’s time to stop for a fantastic taco at Tako!  This outdoor taqueria offers sidewalk seating with delicious Mexican street food.  This is the best Mexican food you’ll find in Pennsylvania, with legitimate flavor and the incredible eye for detail you’d expect from a Michelin Star restaurant.

Although this is an extremely affordable eaterie, it’s highly rated and worth the stop.  

The Capital Grille

When you’re ready for a good drink and hot meal at the end of a day full of Pittsburgh houses for sale: it’s time to head to the Capital Grill.  This awesome grill may be the most expensive restaurant on the list, but diners say the price is worth it: it’s also the highest rated at 4.8 stars out of five stars.  

Locals love the fantastic service, incredible wine selection, and amazing atmosphere.  This restaurant borders between comfort foods and elevated high-class meals that will stun anyone who visits!

The Melting Pot

Fondue is a dining experience that’s been popular for centuries and comes in and out of style regularly.  This awesome experience is a great way to have fun while you eat, and when it’s paired with high-class and expensive ingredients, this can make an amazing meal.  The Melting Pot offers unique sides, delicious wines, and a fun environment that makes coming back time and time again a must!  This is a moderately expensive eatery that can be a great match for everyone!

Pamela’s Diner

There’s nothing as comforting as diner food!  Diners are able to offer this perfect mix of comfort foods and flavor, all while feeling as welcoming as possible.  When hunting for a breakfast or lunch spot, consider Pamela’s Diner!  

This restaurant has everything from crepe hotcakes and vintage burgers, and you’ll love bite after bite.  The corned beef hash is the most popular dish for locals, while tourists seem to favor french toast.  This is a restaurant that will feel like home from the moment you arrive, so consider stopping in while you’re in town! 

This City Knows Good Food!

Pittsburgh has a lot of personality and flavor packed into city limits: so get out there and try some of these amazing eateries!  You’ll love every bite.

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