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Six Best Day Trips To Do In Abu Dhabi

If you plan to visit Abu Dhabi, bundles of activities are waiting for you, like visiting Sheikh Zahid Grand Mosque and Emirates Palace. The UAE is not a much larger country. It allows visitors to enjoy day trips and get away from the famous cities during their stay.

It’s great to plan a trip to Abu Dhabi to enjoy a fun day. You will surely remember experiences after spending a day in Abu Dhabi. People who have to stay in Abu Dhabi for a week are lucky because they have an opportunity to enjoy the best day trips.

If you have already visited Abu Dhabi, there is no shortage of activities to do. It has much more for you to do. The city welcomes visitors and offers impressive day trips. Here, we have mentioned the top six-day trips ideas for you to do in Abu Dhabi.

  1. IMG Worlds Of Adventure

The theme park is a great option to spend your day. We know you will be happy to hear about the most incredible theme park in the world. IMG Worlds of Adventure is the best option to spend your day with your family. It is located at a distance of 60 minutes from Abu Dhabi.

The park remains a focus of attention all year round for the tourists who want to enjoy it with their families. It is a fantastic option for you to escape a hot day of the brutal summer in the area of UAE.

People of all ages can enjoy the exciting rides. Spend a full day here to enjoy a great time.

  1. Zaya Nurai Island

It is a great place to spend your day. You can take a short ride by boat from Yas Island to Zaya Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi. Visitors can get day passes to visit the Island and avail of facilities. You can use the alluring pools and beaches at the resort for a day.

There is no need to stay here for a night. Every fun activity is available in the daytime. Many delicious restaurants are waiting for you to eat unique dishes. This is the perfect place for people who want to spend a relaxing time in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Go To Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

It is a landmark building located in Abu Dhabi. The mosque is covered with white marble. It is the famous sightseeing attraction of Abu Dhabi. You can visit this mosque to click beautiful pictures of the mosque and get a spiritual vibe.

Non-Muslims can visit all areas of the mosque. You can take the five-hour tour to see this mosque and Etihad Tower observation deck.

  1. Wild Wadi Waterpark

If you love the rides, you will love Wild Wadi Waterpark because it offers 30 rides to visitors. Not only rides, but you will also enjoy the views of alluring Burj Al Arab from here. It is a famous landmark located in the UAE. We suggest you visit this iconic park to make your trip more exciting.

  1. Fujairah

There are so many beautiful beaches in Abu Dhabi. One of the famous beaches is Corniche Beach. We suggest you not miss visiting the iconic beaches of Fujara. This place is located at a distance of a three-hour drive from the area of Abu Dhabi.

You will enjoy the sea life here. Moreover, people love the crystalline water of the beaches. This ride may be a long ride for you, but it’s worth taking.

  1. Jebel Hafeet

It is located in Al Ain on the Oman and UAE’s border. It is one of the alluring mountains of UAE with tall height. You can plan a fantastic trip for a day to visit Jebel Hafeet. It is located within Abu Dhabi at a distance of one hour away from the capital’s center.

Do not miss a visit to this natural landmark. This is a perfect place to enjoy a picnic. People who love cycling should visit this place to have a fun day here.

Moreover, you will witness the scenic route, which is entirely unforgettable. Take your cameras along with you to click amazing pictures. You can plan a trip with your friends to make this time memorable and worth remembering.

Abu Dhabi offers you many more places to visit and spend your day trips. Visit the top places during your stay to have more fun.

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