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Places Not to Miss When in Van Turkey

Van is a beautiful place in Turkey that is famous for many things. This place is unique because it is the hometown of a rare cat species.

The beauty of this cat species is that one eye is blue coloured whereas another eye is amber coloured. These cats have a habit of swimming in Lake Van and are found exclusively in this city.

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Things to Do 

When in Van, you cannot miss visiting some places. They are listed below.

1. Visit Van Museum 

The history of Turkey has many wonderful memories, and many such memories flourish in Van. The Van Museum is like the mirror that holds the complete reflection of the glorious days of Turkey and its historical days. The bifurcation of this museum makes it easier for the visitors to get all the information about the history of Van.

2. Visit Van Castle 

Also known by the names Van Fortress and Van Citadel, this castle is another glorious feather to places with historical significance. This castle was built in the 9th century and overlooks Lake Van. It was built during the Armenian era and was made during the Urartian civilization.

3. The Akhtamar Island is a Place not to Miss

Legends signify that this island got its name out of love. It says that a guy fell in love with a girl belonging to this place. He used to travel every night to meet that girl and one night, his boat crashed due to a heavy storm. His calling out for the girl was “Ach Tamar,” Tamar being the girl’s name, and it meant “Oh Tamar.” Hence the name.

4. Enjoy Dipping in Lake Van 

Van City in Turkey got its name because of the legendary Lake, and you must take a dip here to ensure your visit to the place is complete. The type of season will influence the temperature of lake water. The surrounding scenic view will always make your visit to this Lake well-spent.

5. Holy Cross Church 

Surrounded by the beautiful Lake, this church is built on the mountain on the island of Akhtamar. This church was built between 910 to 920 and is one of the many attractions in Van.

6. Shopping in Kapikoy 

Who doesn’t love to go on a shopping spree in a new place? Kapikoy is one such shopping destination in Van. This bazaar has many things to offer visitors, including different varieties of local clothing and many such things.

7. Visit Cavustepe 

This capital city of the ancient kingdom Urartu is made of cut stones and is divided into several buildings, upper and lower fortresses, and so on. This place has a temple built to honour Irmushini God by the locals.

You can go on listing many such places to visit when in Van. Check them all and make the most of your visit.

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