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How To Save Thousands And Explore The Most Competitive Areas Of New York City?

Instead of paying for expensive bus or walking tours on your next vacation, download the Action Tour Guide app, which provides historical context and exciting knowledge about locations all around the world. Plus, you won’t have to drag a guidebook around with you.

How does Action Tour Guide help?

The answer is very reasonable. Walking tours are an excellent method to learn about a location. Unfortunately, guided excursions are sometimes pricey and require you to stay with the group and your guide for the tour duration, leaving little opportunity for independent exploration. However, Action Tour Guide aims to take the role of such directions, allowing you to enjoy a tour at your leisure for a few bucks.

Why are we choosing New York city?

The Big Apple has never been accused of being boring, and it is unlikely to be in the future. New York City offers hundreds of activities, from Broadway to Times Square, Soho to Chinatown. Our classic Audio-guide will show you fascinating things to do in New York City, covering a wide range of interests from gastronomic to artistic. We also recommend retail therapy, which is one of the most delicate things to do in NYC. You may just be visiting New York for a weekend, but chances are you’ll want to stay longer and explore more with Action Tour Guide, so plan ahead when purchasing your tickets.

Top Ten attractions in New York City:

  • Times Square

Locals may complain about Times Square’s touristic commotion, but the neon wonderland is indisputably New York City’s throbbing heart. You can’t make this trip without an audio guide since it’s a loud and hectic hub for the world’s most popular and famous tourist sites. This app utilizes your phone’s GPS to determine your position, and guides provide an insider’s view of locations, frequently including interviews with individuals you may meet in person while traveling.

  • Central Park

No green place in the world compares to New York City’s Central Park regarding film credits. Scenes from “When Harry Met Sally,” “Annie Hall,” and “Home Alone 2” were all filmed in Manhattan’s historic park, which opened in 1857 and is regarded as one of the city’s most valuable outdoor spaces. You’ll discover hidden jewels in the neighborhood with Action Tour Guide, like an antique arcade with available games from the 1800s.

  • Broadway

Do You love dazzling lights at night? The action Tour guide will take you to the Broadway, popular Times Square portion of this avenue. The app will run in the background on your phone and share information about different spots and best times to visit Broadway using a pop-up notification.

  • Rockefeller Center

Do you want to take part in the annual holiday celebrations? Tell all of your interests to the Action Tour guide so that you witness an ode to 1930s New York, Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan that welds the ancient and the modern and is the heart of the city’s annual holiday celebrations.

  • Madison Square Garden

You can see Midtown Manhattan with one of the world’s most prestigious indoor stages: Madison Square Garden (MSG). Turn on the audio guide so that you reach there on time and watch the NBA New York Knicks, NHL New York Rangers, and WNBA New York Liberty or your preferred big-name concert entertainers at this vast venue.

  • Empire State Building

With recent low gas costs, it may be time to consider a cross-country road trip to view the Empire State Building, a world-famous monument synonymous with New York. Your Action Tour guide points out historical monuments and fantastic photo opportunities and provides local insights and history as you drive.

  • Statue of Liberty

Never miss a chance to see the awe-inspiring emblem of liberty, optimism, and democracy on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. Our Audio Guide highlights neighboring sights around the Statue of Liberty that are worth seeing and provides hours, phone numbers, and even directions. The app also includes recommendations for must-see attractions at each location. You may utilize low-cost GPS navigation to organize your road trip and locate unexpected stops around your present holiday destination.

  • Bryant Park

Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan has a historical background and has grown quite popular with visitors and locals for relaxing or getting active. To relieve tour fatigue, the audio guide will recommend that you take a walk about the grounds or participate in one of the park’s various sports and activities.

  • Battery Park

This waterfront park is a popular hangout for New Yorkers and visitors alike, providing a peaceful respite from the city’s hustle and bustle. The park is steeped in history and has had a significant impact on current New York society. While wandering, the app recommends that visitors explore the park’s landmarks while taking in one of the city’s spectacular sunsets.

  • Grand Central Terminal

Stand apart from the 750,000 daily tourists hurrying to and from their trains to appreciate the grand Grand Central Terminal’s architectural magnificence. The app also contains a guide to some of the material and shopping and dining alternatives, making it a fun, Low-cost, one-stop-shop.

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