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How much are baggage fees for Allegiant Air

When planning your travel with Allegiant Air, understanding the baggage fees is a crucial part of budgeting for your trip. Allegiant Airlines, renowned for its cheap Allegiant flights and customer-focused approach, offers various baggage fee options depending on factors such as the number of bags, when you reserve them, and your flight route. In this comprehensive guide, we will break down the baggage fees for Allegiant Air, providing you with insights and tips to save on these charges. To book your Allegiant Airlines tickets, visit the Booking Trolley or call +1-585-935-7101.

Allegiant Air Baggage Fees: A Detailed Breakdown

Let’s begin by understanding the breakdown of baggage fees according to the type of baggage:

Checked Baggage Fees:

  • At booking: If you choose to reserve your checked bags while booking, the rates range from $20 to $50 per bag, each way. This variation is determined by the flying route you select.
  • Pre-departure:If you choose to reserve your checked luggage prior to departure, the charge is $70 per bag, for each trip.
  • At the Airport:If you opt to pay for your checked bags at the airport, the charge is $75 per bag, each way.
  • Carry-On Baggage Fees:
    At the time of booking:The cost of bringing a carry-on bag can range from $15 to $41 per bag, depending on the itinerary.
  • Pre-departure:If you reserve your carry-on luggage before the departure date, the charge remains the same at $70.
  • At the airport (at the ticket counter):Paying for your carry-on bag at the airport’s ticket desk will cost you $75.
  • At the Gate:If you bring a carry-on bag to the gate and pay there, the charge can increase to $75.

Additional Baggage Fees:

Allegiant Airlines also has specific fees for additional or specialized baggage:

  • Overweight Bags:If your bags exceed Allegiant’s weight regulations, you will be charged an extra $100 per bag, each way.
  • Oversize Bags:Bags that exceed the large restrictions will be charged a fee of $100 each way.
  • Sporting Equipment:Expect to pay between $50 and $100 per item, each way, if you’re flying with sporting equipment such as golf clubs, skis, or surfboards.
  • Excess Baggage: If you need to check more than four bags, there will be an additional charge of $100 per bag, each way.

Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy

Allegiant Airlines has a baggage policy that specifies the number of bags permitted, the weight limits, and the size constraints. Understanding this policy is essential for a trouble-free travel experience:

Free Personal Item Allowance: Each passenger is allowed to bring one personal item on board for free. These personal items must be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you.

Carry-On Baggage Size and Weight Restrictions: Carry-on bags must adhere to specific size restrictions, with dimensions no larger than 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches. Additionally, they must weigh no more than 40 pounds.

Checked Baggage Size and Weight Restrictions: Checked bags must comply with size and weight restrictions to avoid incurring additional fees. They should not exceed 62 linear inches (length + width + height) and must weigh no more than 50 pounds.

Tips to Save on Allegiant Air Baggage Fees

Here are some valuable tips to help you save on baggage fees when traveling with Allegiant Air:

  1. Book Your Bags Early:If you book your bags ahead of time, Allegiant Air will offer you reduced baggage fees. Reserving your bags early will save you money whether you’re booking your ticket or any time before it departs.
  2. Consider Purchasing a Carry-On Bag:Allegiant Air allows passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item free of charge. You can avoid paying baggage fees entirely if you can fit all you need in a carry-on bag and a personal item.
  3. Bundle Your Bags:Look into Allegiant Air’s baggage bundles, which allow you to save money by combining numerous checked bags. For example, you can buy a package that contains two checked baggage for a lower price than paying for each bag individually.
  4. Use a Credit Card with Travel Benefits:Many credit cards come with travel rewards like free checked luggage. If your credit card has this benefit, use it to check your luggage for free on Allegiant Air flights.


Understanding Allegiant Air baggage costs is critical for budget-conscious passengers. Whether you’re looking for low-cost Allegiant flights or using the Booking Trolley for convenience, knowing about baggage costs allows you to plan your trip more successfully. Allegiant Airlines can be reached at +1-585-935-7101 for any inquiries or booking assistance. Travel wisely, pack effectively, and set out on your Allegiant Air vacation with confidence, knowing how to avoid baggage fees and save money!

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